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Certified Red Team Expert (CRTE) - Review

I recently took the amazing “Windows Red Team Lab” course from PentesterAcademy, a prerequisite course for the Certified Red Team Expert (CRTE) certification. I must confess that I had my eye on this course for some time, mainly due to the topics covered in its content (anyone who knows me knows how much I like Active Directory exploitation and everything it involves ;). As I was a little tired of the HackTheBox boxes routine, I decided it would be a good time to start the lab and learn new AD stuff.

The purpose of this review is just to pass on a little of the experience I had in the lab and in the exam. Obviously, I have no intention of providing spoilers, lab walkthrough nor anything like that.

IO Smash The Stack - Level02

Com o level01 concluido, obtemos acesso ao shell que nos provê permissões para visualizar a senha do level02.

Conectando ao servidor ssh do level2, observamos 4 arquivos associados a esse level: dois binários SUID de 32-bits, level02 e level02_alt, e seus códigos C correspondentes, level02.c e level02_alt.c. Nesse post estarei focando no level02.c e seu binário level02, que é uma das duas formas de concluir esse nível.